“We’ve been in business for ten years now and Kona was the first brand to open with us back in 2003,” says Cheryl Beattie, owner of the Bicycle Cafe Kamloops. “It’s awesome that after all these years we maintain a strong relationship with a brand that’s supported us since our beginning. Kona continues to develop in positive ways and so do we. We grow together.”

“Opening a bike shop sort of just made sense for me,” adds Cheryl. “I spent a lot time working in shops when I was younger, so I had some well-developed ideas of how to do things my own way. Some great opportunities presented themselves to me and everything just felt right. It was great timing for me and things couldn’t have worked out better.”

The Bicycle Cafe resides smack dab in the middle of the Kamloops riding scene, an exciting place for a shop to be. Some of Cheryl’s favorite rides can be started right from the store.

“When we close in the evening I love pedaling from the shop along some flowy XC trails and making my way to the top of the hills for a classic Rio lap. That’s my favorite ride, for sure,” exclaims Cheryl.

“Selling people the lifestyle and all its benefits feels just as important as selling the bikes,” says Cheryl. “That’s the whole point. I’ve always wanted to be an active member in helping the cycling community to grow and flourish.” This point is made evident when you take a minute to recount Cheryl’s efforts in the past few seasons. Partnering with Sun Peaks Resort and the Kamloops Bike Ranch to host camps and events for riders of all genres and skill levels isn’t easy, but the results in the community are easy to see and that makes it all worthwhile.

“Working with Kona has been a delight,” adds Cheryl. “They have amazing customer service and our sales rep, Trevor Porter, is a real stand up chap.” The Cafe also reaps a big benefit by having two of Kona’s radest riders as shop team members. Intergalactic super star, Graham Agassiz, is on top of the freeride game right now and Cafe staff member, Dylan Sherrard, is working it in publications around the world. “Having riders like Aggy and Shredhard available to give first class, real world advice? That’s just awesome. You can’t beat that!”

Best ride in recent memory? : “Oh, every ride is the best! There are no bad rides in Kamloops… every ride is too much fun.”

What sort of beats get you stoked for a ride? : “Hmmm. L.L.Cool J! Who hasn’t jammed to ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’?”

Favorite post-ride hangout? : “The Noble Pig. They make amazing food and they always have a table waiting for me and my riding crew. They also brew my favorite beer… a Belgian Peppered Ale.”

How do you spend those Kamloops days that are just too hot to ride? : “Floating the river is always a splendid alternative to cycling during the extreme summer heat.”

Which Kona bikes are the Kamloops Customers most stoked about? : “I think the Entourage has been a big hit. Seeing how it was designed in partnership with Aggy, it was custom tailored to freeriding in Kamloops. The locals have taken note!”

Funniest thing that’s happened at the Bicycle Café this season? : “Hahaha, there are too many laughs every day. It’s impossible to pick just one. But we do have a new British employee, Leroy, and he has really elevated the humour in recent months!”