Great things come in threes. And great things are happening for Centre City Cycles in Escondido, California. April 1 marks the shop’s first anniversary, April 8 Centre City Cycles holds its first club ride, and April 14 Centre City Cycles and Kona host a Kona Demo Day at Lake Hodges.

Celebrating its first anniversary April 1, 2012 is something shop owner Marc Day says he’s done against the odds.  “We’ve done it against predictions of global economic uncertainty and despite soothsayers and so-called prophets warning about 12/21/2012 “doomsday” and “end of the world” events.”

“Opening up my own bike shop has been in the making, in my head, anyway, for a long time,” says Day. “And, as they say, timing is everything. So far so good. Ask me again in about 9 months! Maybe the Mayans will be right!”

“Hometown Focus-Worldwide Vision” is the shop motto.  Centre City Cycles gets back to basics – back to the roots of the community. “We strive to be the center for a healthy community by being involved with the governing bodies and the residents. Whether being involved with safety education, the development of safer streets to commute on or helping to build and maintain the many wonderful trails with the help of San Diego Mountain Bike Association, Centre City Cycles is there. We are populating the world, one bike at a time,” says Day.

“Kona gets involved with the sport just like we do,” says Day. “They make darn good bikes other bike companies only dare to make. They take risks just like me. And they hold their own in a competitive marketplace.” While Centre City Cycles sells other brands each company has its niche and the lines mix well together. “No segregation needed. We even display them together on the racks. It’s a melting pot of sorts,” says Day.

Centre City Cycle Club is in the works with its first big club ride slated for April 8th, 2012. This club will initially reach out to our road riders but will expand to include MTB events as well.  Also, beginning mid-April, Centre City Cycles offers a rental fleet of Kona bikes.

“With Lake Hodges only 2 short miles away, and over 30 miles of trails, it makes a perfect venue for both newbies and/or tourists to try this great sport,” says Day.

Join Centre City Cycles and Kona for an outstanding day in the sun at Lake Hodges, Escondido, Saturday April 14, 2012. 9a.m.-3p.m. Demo several new 2012 Kona 29er’s featuring the all-new 5″ travel Satori! Click here to see the video of the Satori. Special Demo pricing will be available! Call Centre City Cycles @ 760-746-3742 for more information.  Here’s the map link

Cycling advice: “Wear a helmet is always my first advice. Next, always be proactively prepared with proper hydration, nutrition, and the essentials to repair your bike at least enough to get to a safe harbor. In this day and age, it also a good idea to carry a cell phone and always let someone know where you are going to ride.”

Favourite rides: Around Escondido and North San Diego County. “We are so blessed to have so many riding venues for both off and on road riding. Daley Ranch in Escondido is my favorite off-road riding spot. Daley Ranch has a little bit of everything for the off-road enthusiast and when spring arrives, the little (and big) rattlesnakes offer even more of a challenge! For road riding, head out to either Palomar Mountain or through the San Pasqual Valley area. This makes for a real picturesque escape.”

Favourite Kona: “I ride a King Kahuna hardtail 29er. The geometry fits my style of riding. I wish I could own one of each Kona. As simple as it might have been, still my all time Kona bike is the stars and red/blue Aha 26 single speed cruiser circa 1997. It’s just a real cool bike. I would sure like to have one of these baby’s. God bless America!”

Last ride: “Yesterday, I got a 25 mile road ride in around San Pasqual.”

Best area bakery: Peterson’s Donut Corner about 5 blocks from the store.

“Giant pastries and donuts. At least 1 lb. each! Thank God it IS 5 blocks away, too! If it were 4 blocks closer I would need to find me a Kona Hoss.”

Favourite local music venue: Not much in Escondido. For some culture, try O’Sullivans

Favourite music:  “I listen to all types of music from Adele to Zebrahead, says Day. I’m old but I still love the old 70’s punk stuff like The Ramones, The Vibrators, Sex Pistols, The Clash. A little anarchy and lots of fun go a long way with me.

But then, I also really enjoy the nature and flute sounds of our Native Americans, as well as bluegrass, Irish folk and heck, I even put on one of the greatest pure voices of any generation, Mario Lanza.”

Current read: “The Farmer’s Almanac. I was trying to find the forecast for next Christmas but it only goes until 12/21/2012.  Strange, very strange, indeed. So, I guess I don’t get any presents. I won’t have to buy any either! I also frequent to get the “real news” and the true inside scoop on UFO’s, current Bigfoot sightings, conspiracies and other paranormal happenings. I took a pic just the other day of Bigfoot at Daley Ranch. Scared me silly. My Kona never went so fast.”

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