GC Panorama“Established, busy, knowledgeable, experienced, fun, good-looking, enjoys poetry and long walks on the beach.” What more could you want? Out of a bike shop that is.

Glacier Cyclery, located 130 miles north of Missoula in the resort town of Whitefish, MT is home to a number of “unique folks,” says employee, Michael Meador. “We’ve got single-track aficionados, cycle tourists, family-oriented trailer pullers, people who pack multiple cheeseburgers on rides, a tandem team, Kyle, racers, slow guys, vintage bike weirdos and cut-off jeans wearing endurance types.”

Kyle Tiger

In Whitefish, a town of just over 6,400 people, Glacier Cyclery manages to stick out and has continued to impress over the years with their bike expertise, all-the-while maintaining an environment full of bike loving enthusiasts with a knack for all things quirky. “We had one guy who was close to normal but he was recently let go.” The shop also sells bear spray, just in case you happen to run into one during a visit to the area. “How many shops sell bike spray?” Michael boasts. Ron with Wo

Not only do all of the staff members carry unique personalities, but also unique tastes in music. “Today I’ve heard Gusgus, Creedence Clearwater Revival, which was quickly turned off, Royksopp, Sisters of Mercy, Tom Jones, The Knife, and Yat-Kha, everyone’s favorite Tuvan traditional kargyraa throat singer.”

Michael got into the bike business because “[he] was fixing a lot of bikes for folks, [and] thought it might be nice to get paid for it. I had an inkling that it might take me to places where the trails were plentiful and people were happy. I was right.”

Tyrel Turvilio

Being the resort hot spot that Whitefish is, Glacier Cyclery is the perfect spot for all bike tourists to stop in and take a look. However, by just one look at the gorgeous panorama of the shop anyone can tell that it is worth more than just a quick peak inside.

Last ride: Sunday. Six employees of Glacier Cyclery. We’ve deemed it the Tour de Polebridge because that’s where we end up. 65 miles, mostly dirt, few to no cars, hot sun and beer drinking, rock skipping and epic picnicking by the river afterwards. So far it was my favorite ride of the summer.
Best spot in town for a post ride drink and meal: The Bulldog Saloon is hard to beat for a burger in a dark tavern.

Favorite Kona: The Jake and the Rove are both extremely adept road bikes for NW Montana. I’m pretty sure a Ti Rove could be my favorite.

Every biker should have…a trip. All bikers should have to take a trip by bicycle. Off road, on road, it doesn’t matter. All bikers should have to eat and sleep under the stars with the gear that they carried on their bike.

Best Bike Advice: Start slow and taper off.

With all the distinct people and personalities that Glacier Cyclery boasts, it seems that the employees stay true to their shop’s motto: “We really do sell more than bikes, we sell a good time.”

Cheers to that!