In the family for three generations, Jacks Bicycle Center in Bellingham, Washington, is this longest running bike shop in this bike friendly North West town. Open in 1969, it’s a testament to a strong passion for cycling, a commitment to community and family, to intelligence and business savvy, to luck and outright fun.

Owner Kent DeVries remembers working in the shop at four, side-by-side with his dad. He was fixing bikes at eight for a couple of bucks a bike. Now, in his 40’s it’s safe to say there isn’t a bike he hasn’t seen, fixed or ridden or a local trail he hasn’t explored and enjoyed.

DeVries knows his stuff. And his staff, some also family members, are no exception.

At Jacks, all customers are treated the same – with the single goal of getting you on the right bike.

“We treat everyone the same,” says DeVries, “Whether you walk through the door with a nickel or $5000 in your pocket, what you have to say is important and we listen.”

“We’re going to find out what you need and get you on the bike that’s right for you, not necessarily the newest, or latest thing out there, but what’s right for you.”

The shop focuses purely on bikes and bike accessories. There’s no seasonal diversion with skate boarding or skiing. It’s all about bikes, all the time.

Bellingham, Washington sits in the shadow of some of the North West’s best mountain biking – Galbraith  and Chuckanut mountains.  These offer stunning rides through old growth forest and Coast Mountain and San Juan Island views like no other.

In his own words, Kent DeVries has this to say…

Cycling advice: “Ride within your limits.”

“If someone wants to stay riding for many years the way to do it is to ride within your limits.”

Last ride: Night ride up Galbraith Mountain. On a 2010 Kona Cadabra.

Favourite local ride: – Chuckanut Mountain. Double Diamond to Upper Ridge Trail . “I’ve been riding that mountain since the late ‘70’s. Not a lot of people ride it, as most people ride Galbraith. It has great views and stunning old growth trees.”

Best area bakery: –Lafeen’s Donuts and Ice Cream – Right at the bottom of Galbraith. “Perfect location for a post ride snack.”

Favourite local music venue: – Wild Buffalo. “They play a variety of music.”

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