Adversity. We’ve all faced it in our lives, but when it happens at our local bike shop, it hits the community hard. In the case of Liberty! Bicycles in St. Catharines, Ontario, the adversity hit with a cloud of smoke and ash that engulfed the well-known fixture on Paul St. in the downtown core. The old location was a base of operations for not only bringing the community together on bikes, but also a figurehead in celebration annually when the streets get shut down for the annual Grape & Amp; Wine Squeezer. The store front was also a classic image in Dallas Green’s “Save Your Scissors” video for City and Colour.

But when adversity hits, as a community of cyclist, we only have one reflex….rebuild and renew. Not only to keep the business rolling to get the streets flooded with bikes again, but also to enrich the creative outlet that originally went along with building a bike shop. Liberty! Bicycles is being rebuilt, and this time, they’re due to make a big impression. As of May 10th, the new shop will be open for all friends to come by and see how the reno’s are going, talk to the staff, and see how it’s all coming together. This new shop needs to really be seen to be appreciated. It already looks great and is proving to become a new foundation for bringing the Niagara community together for the love of riding bicycles.