Queen City Cycles has always had a punk rock attitude, but one that’s tempered by their love of bikes, and their friendly nature. The result is a shop that looks cool, has fun, but excels at keeping their customers and the whole community happy.

Queen City began as an upstart from the cookie-cutter, volume over fun style shops that abound, and have constantly done their own thing as a shop. Owner Miles Hamilton described his motivation, “Shops now a days are all the same. I just wanted to open a shop that made cycling seem as cool as it really is, that way more people want to get involved. A non-hostile way to take over the streets!”

Take over the streets is what they did, too. A weekly ride to the local Thai restaurant always draws a crowd, and a monthly ride full with fixie skid competitions, sprint races, a huge game of foot-down and ends at a bar regularly draws over a hundred people. The result is unmistakable in Springfield, MO. “My favorite thing about owning a shop is walking around downtown and seeing Konas on every block,” Hamilton said.

Independence is even what drew Hamilton to bikes in the first place. “I first got into bikes because the freedom of how far i could go away from my house without my mom knowing.”

The most noticeable thing about Queen City Cycles is their love for Kona. six foot Kona murals adorn the walls, banners and stickers are everywhere, and the sales floor is chock full of Konas, ranging from the workhorse Dew to a Coilar or Abra Cadabra. Miles said “We love Kona because we get treated like family and it’s a fun company with bikes that are hard to beat in price and durability.”

Favorite ride: Chadwick motor cycle park
Your last ride: This morning to work
Best place for coffee: MudHouse
Favorite beer: M’mmm Beer! Old style or PBR or Dead guy ale if I have the extra funds
Place to get food in town: Thai Express
Music most likely to be heard in the shop: Cramps/ Burning Spear/ Jr Brown…. just about everything
Favorite book: Way of the peaceful warrior
Current book: Too busy lately to start a new one. If Bicycle Retailer had a book I would be reading that.
Biking advice: Smile and don’t worry about the newest and latest thing. Enjoy what you have and ride as much as you can.

Final thoughts:
Queen City Cycles would not be the same without LP (The eye in the sky). Paul Denny (Sales guy of the moment!) and Jeff Anderson (Idea man/wrench and a ripper from birth!)

Queen City Cycles
301 W Walnut St
Springfield, MO 65806-2117
(417) 831-0800