“Chicago, Chicago, it’s your kind of town”…(so we changed the words a little). The subject of songs, novels, plays and movies the Windy City is a place worth being blown away by….it’s entrenched in our cultural psyches so it’s no surprise Rapid Transit Cycle shop’s flagship shop opened in a vacant theatre space. Owners Chris and Justyna did it the old fashioned way – hard work and blind faith. And it paid off.

Well that was way back in 1993 and in the spring of 2010 the couple opened Rapid’s second shop near the UIC campus.

“We’re a commuter heavy company, near a university,” says Jerod Walz, lead sales for the Rapid’s Halsted location, near UIC. “We see a lot of very practical cyclists.”

“I love our attention to detail on builds and repairs. We want to put people on a bike that will help them enjoy cycling and make it a practical part of their lives.”

Walz does what he does for the love of it. Can’t ask much more than that.  “I love riding. The opportunity to be around bikes and talk about them all day wakes me up with a smile, everyday.”

Cycling advice: “Eat breakfast. Ride bikes. Do good,” says Walz.

Favourite rides: – “Chicago is tons of fun to ride in, and you can see interesting stuff anywhere,” says Walz. But, his favourite Chicago ride – Ivan Evans Court in Garfield Park. A little further afield …Hwy 75 north out of Ohama.

Last ride: –All over Chicago – all the time. Last big ride – the RAGBRAI: the Regisiter’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa – 472 plus miles.

Best area bakery: –Roeser’s Bakery, at 100, Chicago’s oldest family owned bakery.

Favourite local music venue: – The Beat Kitchen and Reggie’s Rock Club.

Current read: Bucky Sinister : King of the Roadkills.

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