This week we pay homage to Steve Bjorklund, owner of Summit Bike and Ski in Bozeman, Montana. Steve’s been a Kona dealer for 20 years, nearly as long as we’ve been making bikes. With longtime Kona clients like David Quammen, a senior writer for National Geographic and Outside Magazine, Steve does it right, and has for a very long time. This review I found on-line spells it out quite perfectly… For the down low on Bozeman riding, go HERE.

“Small, casual, “hole-in-the-wall”, mom and pop type bike shop. Excellent customer service after the sale. Very knowledgeable staff. I bought a new carry-over Kona Coiler frame and Fox Float 36 fork. I am a cheap bastard so I moved all of my components from my hardtail over. Some of the stuff wasn’t compatable but these guys let me borrow tools, parts etc. and wrenched on the bike for next to nothing to get me riding. I’ve only been a customer for a short time and it’s a first name basis interaction now when I go in. In this town customer service is almost unheard of so this is a really nice change of pace. I can’t imagine a better bike shop. These guys are great.”