Annual Bikes and Beers Shop Ride 2013The Path Bike Shop, located in Tustin, CA, is evidence of the fact that the Golden State is home to more than just surfer bros and Hollywood celebs. “[We] are a giant candy store for bike enthusiast,” says shop Owner, Tani Walling. And he’s not kidding.


The Path Bike Shop started out on a “shoestring budget”, with a location of just over 500 sq. feet in 1998, but has grown into much more, housing over 400 bikes and frames in shop. Their “huge selection of things riders want” is a major component of why Walling’s shop is such a hit in the area and has been voted the best bike shop in Orange County three times, including a spot on the national stage as it was also named one of Bicycle Magazine’s top 100 bike shops in 2011.


Although the Path Bike Shop began as a small venture for bike fanatics in the area to find exactly what they were looking for, Walling’s “love of bikes” has kept the business running strong, and continues to do so. As of 2012, The Path Bike shop now has two locations. The original site in Tustin, and The Path Bike Shop Live Oak in Tabusco Canyon, CA. Right on!


One Word To Describe the shop: “Stoke”

Shop Music: We battle it out daily.

Last Ride: Freight Train to Dirt Merchant at Whistler while I was day dreaming a second ago.

Favorite Kona: Old Paddy Wagon beats out the 2014 Supreme Operator out of loyalty.

Favorite Local Ride: Joplin Trail

Best Post Ride Watering Hole: Tustin Brewing Co.

Best Biking Advice: Love the bike you ride.

All Bikers Should Have… A bike that captures their imagination and makes them smile.

The Path Bike Shop Staff Ride