Another day, another bike done gone; it almost breaks my heart to see one go in the ground well before it’s time. It’s worse somehow when it’s a wrecked by someone else as you’re off to the side as a bystander. When I see a bunch of bikes hung off the tail of a truck it makes me cringe, even if you have the little blanket strapped on that only protects the truck! It may look California cool but there’s a hard and sharp chunk of metal right up against the down tube and as soon as the driver guns it over some stutter bumps the bikes will bounce up and down and start to ding the frame.
This is pretty much the sole province of DH and other big bike folks but don’t think you’re in the tall grass yet. The other folks who seem to blithely violate bicycles are the shuttle crews at charity road rides and adventure races. Both those types will snatch up your bike and then dogpile it into some sort of transport truck or van. Scratched paint and minor dings are the best you can hope to escape with. The worst is a crushed frame and wheels. I have seen some of the charity ride folks replace bikes but I never met anyone who was happy to see their bike wrecked. So, if you shuttle be aware!