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Do certain songs ever get stuck in your head as you ride?

Like most people, I tend to take the same path every time I go somewhere. Whenever I ride to downtown Bellingham, the path take me on Texas St. through the “bad” neighborhood, past a lumber yard, on to Kentucky Street, which passes under I-5, past the high school, and in to downtown.

Since this is also the way to the brewery and bars, I often travel this route in the dark. For the last couple winters, a homeless guy has been setting up his meager camp under the interstate, one of the few dry patches of land this time of year. Most of the time he’s asleep or pretending to be, but occasionally he’s setting up his bag or sitting upright, with his back to the concrete retainer wall. We always wave to each other when he’s up.

I cross paths with all sorts of people on this little three mile ride, but of all the people, I always think of that stooped over homeless guy. Funny the things that stick in your head when you ride. Like this song.

Please don’t sue us, Ween!