This is a photo story of a Vermont summer day featuring Kona Ambassadors Stephen Pope and Ryan McEvoy.

HELLO! Stoked to send off this photo essay for the “Longest Day” theme! Seasonality is so drastic in Vermont, and summers here are wonderfully long. We wanted to celebrate this Kona theme by capturing a day-in-the-life photo journal of one of the first days of summer. The photo series went from misty mornings to hot, bright afternoons in the East Haven woods building bike trails. After work, Ryan and I headed up to the Burke Mountain summit and rode our Kona Processes on trails he and the crew built last year. A massive summer storm rolled in from across the valley. We had just enough time for a quick dip before the monsoon waves rolled in. And to cap it off – a sunset and a storm rainbow over Burke Mountain. It was a long, awesome day.” -Stephen