Maintaining an effective career in today’s world of off-road cycling might benefit from an understanding of what it takes to keep a bountiful garden. I know virtually nothing about horticulture. That said, I’ve ascertained the concept of “hortus kuklos” [eng. Garden + Wheel] or “horticycling”, which borrows from the concept of crop rotation and polyculture, and is thus “the practice of [riding/participating in] a series of dissimilar/different types of [bikes/events/terrain] [within a given period of time] in sequential [or random] order. ”

Furthermore…”Horticycling gives various benefits to the [rider]. A traditional element of horticycling is the replenishment of [stoke/motivation/fun] through the use of [different forms of riding] in sequence, [for example], with [trail riding, xc racing, enduro, downhill, cyclocross, beer drinking, dirt jumping, street, flatland, vert, trials…], and other [forms of riding]. horticycling also mitigates the build-up of [cultural myopia] that often occurs when one [form of riding] is continuously [repeated without variation], and can also improve [happiness] and [skill] by alternating [long travel/big-wheeled] and [short travel/small-wheeled] [bikes].”

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