The old saying, “ride it like you stole it!”, may be aptly substituted with, “ride it like you’re in a video shoot!!” That may be a commonplace idea for the regular stars of freeride films and ski movies, but for your average spandex-clad, cross country racer, it’s quite the novelty. Being filmed from a chasing helicopter while tearing down a frosty, snow-covered ridge-top trail was key to inspiring the new saying. That’s what I decided this weekend on assignment with Kona Bicycles for filming the next installment of House of the Big Wheel, Kona’s shred-inspiring presentation of their big-wheeled mountain bikes.

LOCATION: Rossland, BC
TRAIL – Seven Summits Trail, IMBA Epic, check it out!
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Jet fuel…check. With dollar signs literally falling out of the helicopter with each chop of the blade, it was a money-saving and time-saving plan to bring the fuel-stop to the top of the mountain, rather than have the heli fly back and forth to an airport.

That’s Derek Frankowski, co-producer of Life Cycles. He shot stills for the weekend. Videographer Eric Crosland worked his magic while hanging out of the helicopter all day long. It was a privilege to work with such accomplished artists who have done so much to bring our sport to the magazine stands and silver screen for the last several years.

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Spencer Paxson Seven Summits from Kona Bikes on Vimeo.

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