After three international trips, four World Cup events, several big domestic events, and over 30-weeks of discipline and training, the formal 2012 Olympic Campaign is complete! For the last 8 months, with the support of my family, friends, and sponsors, I have dedicated my best energy to this pursuit. It was always a long shot for me, with my recent history as a privateer bike racer with a desk job (an “elite-amateur” if you will), lining up not just to participate, but to compete against the best in the world. The outcome? My name will not be on the list of two US riders going to London this August. Instead, I will remain an unofficial “alternate” for the Games in August. If USAC needs me to step in and fill somebody’s shoes, I will be there! But that is an unlikely scenario.

I have just returned from a long trip to Europe for Rounds 3 and 4 of the UCI World Cup. It’s easy to get wrapped up in something that you’ve dreamed about doing since you were a child, and to think, absurdly that if you put your best foot forward, it all has to work out just as you ever hoped it would…right?? Over the last few weeks, I have been channeling a mantra along the lines of “the pain of discipline is never as difficult as the pain of regret.” More than anything, this race season has been a profound and indispensable experience in personal growth! With or without a ticket to London, I am coming away from this endeavor a bigger and better person – I gave my best shot at pursuing an opportunity that very few receive, and that in itself is my true success. I will not look back with any regrets, whatsoever. Read More