baconA handful of Kona employees/racers and Kona athletes made their way to Portland last weekend because they didn’t want to miss the “cross event of the millennium” (plus this was the 3rd and last year it was in Portland)…next year Seattle (who won a hard fought battle with San Francisco) gets to host and try to match the over-the-top bar that has been set by the Portland crew.

Kona played a domestique roll in the SSCXWC by supplying freshly fried bacon hand-ups to all SSCXWC racers. Barry Wicks carried a mussette bag full of beverages and did hand-downs to spectators.

Meanwhile, Kona sponsored Tina Turner (AKA Matthew Slaven AKA SSCXWC promoter) took the first lap prime, and Ryan took his dog for a run thru the Thunderdome.

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The course was a wonderfully horrible Pacific Northwest style with a 150 foot hub deep puddle (pond?) and plenty of off camber greasy rutted slippery mud that made for seriously challenging conditions. Few if any riders made it through a race without hitting the deck at some point. The jumps set up in the course and the stripper bus were nice distractions to the otherwise constant mud bath. All in all it was just another weekend of cyclocross racing in Portland with over 1000 racers participating.

Oregon State CX Championship (Saturday, Nov. 7th)
1st Barry Wicks

Cross Crusade series race #7 (Sunday, Nov. 8th)
1st Ryan Trebon
2nd Barry Wicks

176th Dale “The Great One” Plant
199th Ryan Trebon
213th Barry Wicks

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