Here we go again!

This year a little more late than usual, but spring is finally here. Last winter tip-toed by at a pace seemingly much slower than that of winters past. At first I was restless and couldn’t find an outlet for my energy. Then as the days grew to their darkest I became bored. Reading books, watching my beard grow and counting the days between sunshine. Eight days was the longest sun-free streak I counted. It was all a waiting game for which I had crafted many plays. But once February came around insanity began setting in and I was no longer set to win. The past few weeks of winter had really began taking their toll on me. More than once I found myself with the whiskey bottle in my mouth and my finger on it’s trigger, asking myself irrational questions. What if spring never comes?

Thankfully it appears as though spring is here to stay. This past weekend I rode for the first time, on my Lacondeguy, the first hardtail I’ve had since I was a little kid. Man is it fun. I think I will be riding it a lot this year. Local rippers on Kona bikes including Matt Russo on his BASS and Kris Foster on his stinky air were out to shred as well. You can check out this video of us all out for our first ride of the year together.

Having only been out to ride for a few days so far, I have not much else to talk about. But after the longest and coldest winter Kamloops has seen in years it is comforting to know spring is finally here. I am staring down the barrel of a fully loaded season with more photos, more videos, more traveling and more riding than ever before. I have so many exciting plans to look forward to and I am stoked to be working with you yet again this year. Your continued support has kept me shredding and living the dream.

Make sure to check out and for all the juicy content in between my regular updates. This year is going to be a big one, look out!