This is my 1997 proto Kona Kula 2-9 in robin’s egg green. This was the first Scrandium 2-9er we made, the year previous we’d done a 29 Unit out of Dedacciai steel.

I’ve ridden this bike in Marin, took it to Sea Otter, left it for testing by Matson, at the time the team wrench, then for more riding by Dale Plant on a sales trip, back to me in Vancouver to burl up with a set of Industry Nine wheels, 2.4″ tires and my first setup ever with Stan’s NoTubes, to ride as my shore bike for a few years. A million descents on Ned’s, a million on Severed, and all over the north shore, it got hammered.

The first ride after getting that wheelset, Demo Dave, Ed and I climbed up and rode Ned’s Atomic Dustbin on Mt. Seymour and pinned it, it was one of the best runs of my life, we had so much fun. On that descent I remembered my brakes were also new, not broken in, and I missed a crucial move. At one point, I tried to slow down at a bit of root ball gnarl, but was too late and sent it across a small gap to a transition I was lucky enough to make and save myself from eating it. The rest was smooth sailing, the giant tires were amazing and the rest of the setup tough as hell.

I sold those wheels with a Hei Hei 2-9 I had last year, they’re still going. Now I have some wobbly cheapo jobbies on the Kula instead. They’re nothing fancy, but good enough, and now that it’s winter in Neldor and there’s ice and snow, I’m stoked to have studded tires and flat pedals to go shred the town. I can’t give up biking, winter or no winter.

I’m told the cemetery has well maintained roads all winter, so I’ll try spinning some laps up there. As soon as the little baby girl is big enough to fit in the trailer, I’ll have some company on my rides too.