By Ambassador Bella Roeleveld

Nothing beats that feeling you get when you accomplish something you have been thinking about for years.

The first time I saw this feature I thought, “there is no way”. After doing a couple run ups and watching the boys ride it I found myself thinking, maybe it’s doable… I went back a couple times and it never felt right so I was content with the thought that I may never ride it.

Then over the past year I have started getting more and more comfortable riding slabs. I was feeling good. The last thing I needed was the right bike. After finally getting my hands on the Kona Process X DL I knew I was ready.

I woke up that morning thinking today is the day. I have visualized the move hundreds of times and the bike is feeling good but most importantly, I’m feeling good.

As we approached the slab I could feel myself getting anxious. When we got to the top I felt weirdly calm knowing that riding this feature was in my wheelhouse. Still that voice was in my head “there is no way.” After about 20+ runs ups and countless F bombs I finally inched over the edge.

Then before I could blink I was at the bottom with some of my favorite people. Their stoke was infectious! I couldn’t believe I had ridden it. It seriously felt like a dream.

Now I’m already thinking about my next dream slab.