By Ambassador Mya Akins

As athletes and artists we are naturally dreamers. We hold creative visionaries in our mind’s eye, allowing our power come from within and be found in our dreams. Every person on this planet has a dream, a goal, a vision. Some of us are fortunate enough to be able to follow these dreams.

My summer dreams used to relate around skiing. I didn’t always enjoy summers. I loved cold weather, deep powder and only dreamed of being in places that could offer me that. When I found mountain biking four years ago, my summer dreams transformed into something better than I could have ever imagined. After I started mountain biking, my distaste of the summer months quickly shifted into a deep love for them. I had set days that I would bike with my family and friends. I made sure my work schedule didn’t interfere because mountain biking was my priority and what was saving my life.

My summer dreams now include steep long descents with roots and rocks to jump off and roll down, long technical climbs, and shuttle laps. I smell coffee wafting through the sea breeze of Finale. I taste the refreshing sweet coldness of a Maple Creemee in Vermont. I can feel the flutters in my heart before rolling down rock slabs in Squamish. My realistic 2021 summer dream is to get more girls on bikes, make more art, gain confidence, experience more joy, and inspire others to go after their dreams. What are yours?