Sunday’s Riverside PCA Enduro was a blast! Super good vibes all around and fantastic weather. The course was a great mix of techinical, fast, and pedally. At the end of the first stage I was sitting in 2nd place. The second stage was a bit longer, and I had not had the chance to pre-ride it. I let it all hang out and managed to only drop to 4th. The last stage was by far the longest at over 7 minutes. I tried to keep it smooth and not expend to much energy early on. I finished strong but was not able to make up any time from the previous stage. I ended up 4th for the day.

Looking ahead there is a bit of a break now. The next race will be the Fontana Golden State Super-D on May 10th. After that its time to get my XC on at Over the Hump!

Thanks for all the support,
Luke Wronski