This weekend was round 3 of the Southern Classic Mountain Bike Race Series at San Lee Park in Sanford, NC. The Bouldergiest Mountain Bike Race at San Lee park is exactly as it sounds, a boulder field. The course resembled a mountainous goat path with endless rock gardens. The 11 mile loop sent riders into tight, rocky singeltrack with bermed out turns and super awesome tabletop jumps sprinkled throughout the race loop.

At the start, I was sitting third wheel conserving energy for the long 2 lap race. Mid way through the first lap, I was able to move up to first and attacked the front group, opening a minute or so gap on second place. Having tight, rocky singletracked worked to my advantage and I was able to take the win for the day. Fortunately the rainy weather held off till the last 30 minutes on the final lap. The King Kahuna picked its way through the jagged rock gardens with ease!