Words: Becky Gardner Photos: Big Mountain Enduro

The Big Mountain Enduro headed to Keystone Resort this weekend for the third race of the series. With a past of racing Downhill and a couple weeks of some really pedally races, I was beyond excited to ride some gnarly lift accessed terrain. The courses were rocky, loose, with some technical tight steep turns. Practice on Friday was going pretty well with my Process 134 feeling nimble and fast. Although these courses were fun and fit my riding style, I found myself having a hard time holding on to the bars with my newly healed broken arm leaving me a little nervous about Saturday’s race. Adapting to the harsh courses I made my suspension a little more plush for my wrist and was feeling pretty good about the next day’s race.

Saturday morning at Keystone was a real treat, giving racers a crisp breeze all morning. With most of Colorado being in a heat wave it was pleasant doing a race out of Colorado’s intense sun. Stoked to get the race started, I headed to stage one of the race. This course was by far the hardest track of the race with steep rock gardens and 90 degree technical turns. However, I may have gotten a little too excited about the track, clipping a pedal while pedaling into a jump sending me over the bars and sticking my brake lever through my shorts. After establishing I was ok and dislodging my lever from my race kit I started back down the trail, cleaning the rest of my run. I felt a little discouraged losing so much time but knew I had three more trails to make it up on.

The rest of the trails were less technical but long enough that I could make up some time. I tried my best to flow, pump, and pedal as hard as I could. I had such a good time riding the trails at Keystone on my Process, especially after tweaking my suspension for my wrist. I ended up finishing the race with a third place and smile on my face. The 134 proves to be the most versatile bike I have owned, its a blast on everything from backcountry trails to bike parks.

Looking forward to the next Big Mountain Enduro stop at Winterpark July 8th!