Words Chad Cheeney Photos ultraromance

A life cyclist buddy of mine rolled into Durango and was gingerly struck by a vehicle upon arrival. He tweaked his wing a little, but we still made plans to head to the hills on our MTB’s and do some fun wandering. With his wing busted, he dove into his point and shoot and assumed the role of photographer. He’s often the photographed and you may know him as @ultraromance, his Mom calls him ‘Boltar” and this time it was him behind the lens.

Fort Lewis Cycling college friend and current fellow coach at Durango Devo Bredan Shafer and I where the talent on this day. We looked up at lines and made them happen for the vantage point of the wandering “Boltar.” He slowly crept around the hills, we hiked and did what he did. We yelled, pointed and then did what we did. The few hours were a funny flashback to our first trifecta of shred back in college, different zone in town, but same stuff. We rode like kids that day.

I think Boltar did a great job with his camera. Brendan and I had some good freeride PR’s and laughed a ton at the many mistakes. It should be noted that I chickened out of an off camber drop line that was probably dooable, but I blamed in on the 29er wheel and the racey xc tyres, Oh and the baby at home. Brendan did it. But then I nailed the high line on a wall ride and they gave me great applause. Fun stuff.

Theres nothing special to note about this day of photos, or these words. We were all tired and blown out, we wanted to do silly tricks for the camera in our backyard, thats all and maybe each get a fun Instagram shot at most while catching up on life. The main deal is that I love this sport, the friends I’ve met and the places it takes me. I feel very fortunate for every minute i’m out the door and pedaling my bike with the wind in my hair. It keeps me young and I hope to never forget that feeling.