Kona Super Grassroots DH racer Nathan St. Clair lined up for his first race of the season at Race 1 of the Downhill Southeast Series Race at Bailey Mountain Bike Park. The field was stacked with local rippers as well as some World Cup regulars. Check out his race recap below and be sure to check out his blog and Instagram for regular updates.

Race 1 of the Downhill Southeast Series Race Started off rather panicky, on my first practice run down I hit a rock and broke my chain guide. Thanks to E*Thirteen, I threw another one on and kept on rolling. Practice went well for all racers, it was a great experience getting to race with a few top level pros from around the world.


I was very nervous and unsure where would finish in the Pro category. Practice Sunday morning went great, I did a few runs to go over my lines and make sure I had the course dialed. After practice, the pre-race nervousness set in as it normally does. Sitting at the start line waiting for my turn to “go to war” with the clock is the highest adrenaline rush I’ve ever experienced.  My heart is racing, waiting for the timer to countdown, I’m thinking about the first lines in the course “5, 4, 3”… My Run went well, despite a few sections, I got down to the bottom not expecting to have a good time, but instead got called for the hot seat for the fastest time of the day. I stayed there for quite some time as more and more riders came down. I got knocked off the hot seat by some of the biggest names in the business and was super stoked to be only a few seconds off the times of the fastest guys from the World Cup in 10th place. I can’t wait for the Windrock Pro GRT.nathan-at-bailey-2

Thanks to Kona Bikes, Shimano and Fox for helping me to get an unbelievable race machine ready for the 2017 season. I want to take a minute to thank every person who has helped me get to where I’m at right now, from sponsors and family to my coach/Dad. My Dad has put countless hours into preparation for these races from bike setup to making sure we have all the tools and parts we need and most importantly, pushing me on the road bike and in the gym. My dad has guided me toward getting faster and stronger, he has been behind me pushing me every step of the way.

Photos: Jay Shulz/GoJamMedia.com