Last week I picked up my new Hei Hei Supreme and was eager to test it out. My wife and I headed out to the coast for the Newport Coast Hills Classic XC for our first race of the year. I had no expectations going into the race other than not being DFL. There were some turbo looking guys there so I sort of assumed my position towards the end of the pack. Steadily I started to pick guys off and going into the second lap the race director said I was 30 seconds back. What? I thought there were another ten guys ahead. Pulled up to the next guy in front and asked how many more. Only one. Spent the rest of the lap trying to pull him in but was unsuccessful. The bike was fast and furious, certainly exceeded my expectations, ended up in second place. Not a bad start to the season. After finishing the winner asked, “Aren’t you riding enduro mostly?” I guess people are starting to notice my riding. Alice Pennington took the win in pro women also on board a new Hei Hei Supreme.