Cupper, our longtime warranty maven, reports on one wild ride

Here’s an oldie but a goodie on the fly. As a bonus I’ve tagged on a picture of the world’s biggest Kona fan.

Replacing bikes that break is a lot like being a vet or a dentist. People have a lot of emotion and cash invested in their rides, and one tiny misstep can lead to horrible consequences.

Sometimes you have to put a cherished puppy to sleep, other times you can just buff that mark right out, and sometimes you need to embark on an odyssey of discovery to figure out just how in the world someone could have done something like this to a poor innocent bicycle.

One of my favorites was a bike that came in from a big shop that had been around for years, and a solid mature rider. It was bent like a banana and it had clearly been subject to some sort of King Kong style abuse. The owner was fully sure he just found it that way one morning, and his son who’d borrowed it while his own bike was being fixed was much too small to have crushed the frame so completely.

A bit of digging turned up a fascinating photo essay; it involved.

A) One very large truck parked on top of a very big hill
B) One tow vehicle with a long rope
C) A camera
D) Junior and a group of his friends

The pictures consisted of repeated tow-ins with the riders being yanked up the hill and then flicking over the truck to a landing on flat cement. Pretty much all bad news for any bike, but really not ideal for pop’s beloved steed.

The bike shop called dad in & had the pictures in hand. They said something to the tune of “is this your bike”. The answer was just a nod. We came up with a backroom price to fix up Dad’s bike & junior wound up with a few more chores around the house for a very long time.

If you ever see a tale in here that curiously resembles your own life, don’t worry it’s not you. It’s some other much clumsier person in another city far away.

I’m not joking by the way when I say this; do not try any of the performances listed here! They didn’t turn out well for the folks who did them the first time so chances are the instant reply will have the same