By Ambassador Jakub Kocjan

After our ultimate tour to Austrian bikeparks and winter just around the corner,  it was just about time to hold our horses, sit still and delight in the finest local cuisine.

With a bunch of trails in the surrounding area (Bielsko-Biała, South Border of Poland) it ain’t an easy job to choose only one so why not to go all-in for multiple days shooting? Combination of good ol’ local trails and going to new up and coming places you probably never heard of makes a good blend.

Win-win situation for both of us.

Kapciuch – Cyberniok Mountain

Photos by Michał Gurgul

Late call to my buddy Michał to ask what he was up to tomorrow, awkward silence and last-minute decision. After all it might be the last autumn sesh this season looking at the freezing temp outside. 8 hours later we were ready to mark the hell of a season with a little photo sesh.

Located just outside the center of Bielsko-Biała, Kapciuch trail is an easy access, fast, loamy singletrail with natural rollers. Pumping through these features feels just like riding butter smooth pumptrack.

With a bluebird sky, endless loamy turns, pushing each other with Michał, we were finally ready for the winter hump…so do our IG feeds.


Kalnica Bikepark – Go big or go home

Photos by Bartek Giemza

A tingling sensation accompanies me every time I head for Kalnica.

Located in the middle of Slovakia, a tiny hill with only 100 meters of elevation, lift assisted by a t-bar, not without a reason is a place where you can meet riders from vast parts of Europe. It looks like time stand still in that place but it’s just an illusion.

Friendly owner, large parking lot taken by RVs, crazy lines with perfect dirt and local freeride scene makes that place one-off.

Clearing the Big Vito line with its famous drop was one the top of to-do list l for the 2020 season. This time with the help of my fella Bartek Giemza it was the right time to finally conquer the fear and taste how the whole line put in one run. A couple of runs later, with shaky legs and bottomed out suspension I could say – I did it!

The drop itself turned out to be only a mental barrier. For the rest of the day we made countless laps and took the most of last breeze of sun rays…

Every single time I am impressed by what this place, made by riders, can deliver.

Borówa – Magurka Wilkowicka Mountain

Located on the opposite side of Bielsko-Biała, Magurka Wilkowicka shares some of the most spectacular trails in our region.

It’s chosen mostly by experienced riders due to its exhausting uphill. Considerably long, variable lines quickly make you forget the last hour spent in a pain cave and make you eager for more!

Anyone who’s experienced it knows there is a kind of magic riding buttery smooth, autumn trails in a golden scenery.

If you ever find Poland to be your next mtb destination hit me up on Instagram for any advice!