Perskindol Swiss Epic is a six-day mountain bike stage race in the Valais, on the best single trails, surrounded by spectacular Alpine scenery. The three stopover locations of Zermatt, Leukerbad and Verbier reveal the best mountain bike trails in the region. The SWISS EPIC FLOW course covers 280 km, 8.000 metres of climbing and 15.600 downhill on endless flow trails, some natural, some hand shaped.


The third edition of PERSKINDOL SWISS EPIC kicked off on Monday 12 September 2016 with the prologue in Zermatt. Start was given on the Rothorn, at 3104m, and led mainly over a downhill 26km trail to the small village of Zermatt. With 550 m elevation gain and 2.000 m of descent, this was the perfect warm-up for the week. After the first downhill part, we took the first position and never gave it up.

On Tuesday the race set off in Zermatt towards Leukerbad. With 78 km, 1.600m elevation gain and 4.100 m of descent, this will be the longest stage of the week. Split up in pieces by two uplifts, the stage was ridden as three long enduro-runs. The first run was a warm-up for the rest of the day, with a significant climb for start. The second run was more technical, crossing over rocks and roots, whereas the third run went over the newly build Flowtrail of Leukerbad. In all three runs, we could enlarge our advantage on the following teams and secure our leader jerseys.


Today’s stage was called the “The Flow-Day” with 43 km, 1.500 m elevation gain and 2.400 m of descent. Starting on the Flow trail of yesterday, we tried to set a new personal record on the perfectly shaped curves in the first part of the downhill. Team’s started in time trial modus with one minute in between. Halfway the downhill we passed the second team, so we pushed even harder on the second part of the descent. A steep uphill was the start for the last 10km-climb. Covered in sweat and with burning legs we crossed the finish line as the first mixed team.

Still three days to go for my Kona Hei Hei and me. This bike seems perfect for the mix of steep climbing and technical descending. Love it.