The Kona Team’s star-studded cadre of international pro cyclists continues to turn heads with solid results, incredible exposure and good time antics. Here’s an up to date look at their recent successes.

Downhill: Australian youngsters Mitch Delfs and Connor Fearon started the season of with World Cup #1 in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Both qualified well on their new 2012 Team issue Operator Supremes on the pedal heavy track. In the finals, Connor had a fast run going, but an untimely crash cost him some places. Mitch raced well on a course not suiting his strengths and finished 45th. Mitch then ventured to Canada to train, finishing off the trip with the Sea Otter Classic and a 12th place finish in the Pro GRT in Washington. Up next for the DH team is World Cup #2 in Val di Sol, Italy.

Connor Fearon at World Cup #1. Photo: Ale DiLullo

Enduro: The Super Enduro Pro Series kicked off in Italy, with Karim Amour and Alex Stock representing on their new Abra Cadabras. Karim ruled the weekend, ending up 4th overall, with Alex just off the podium in 6th. Stateside, Matt Slaven competed in the inaugural Demo Forest Enduro at the Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival, and after some bad luck rallied to end up in the top 10. Up next is the Super Enduro #2, and the Ashland Mountain Challenge.

Alex Stock at Superenduro Round 2, Punta Ala. Photo: Matt Wragg

Dirt Jump: French freerider Antoine Bizet has been tearing up the FMB Would Tour, racking up podium finishes at the Rocket Air Slopestyle, FISE Costa Rica, and winning Best Trick at Vienna Air King. Paul Bass just launched an internet sensation with the documentation of the first natural terrain double back flip. While Aggy’s two segments in Anthill Films’ Strength in Numbers has the world thinking he’s freeriding’s most radical rider.

Bizzy going big at the Vienna Air King. Photo: Ale DiLullo

XC: Spencer Paxson has been fighting the workingman’s battle on the World Cup Circuit, turning back row starts into respectable places. With two World Cup rounds remaining, the battle for the two US Olympic team slots is wide open, and Spencer has a shot. Kris Sneddon, Cory Wallace and Barry Wicks kicked off the race season at Sea Otter, with Wicks getting on the podium in the Short Track on a Satori, and Kris and Spencer finishing just outside the top 10 in the XC. All three finished well up in the Whiskey 50.

Barry Wicks hammering his Satori to 5th place in the Sea Otter Short Track

Thanks to all our sponsors for ride fast and look good. When you see anyone rocking a Kona jersey out there, stop by for high fives and hugs.