We are half way though Crankworx 2016 now and the midway point was marked yesterday by the Fox Air DH on A-Line. If you have been living under a rock for the past 12 or so years, A-Line is Whistler’s seminal trail, whip-able tabletops line the trail from top to bottom, while monstrous berms line every corner. It’s a constant sprint, where riders chose to scrub and squash jumps for speed or go for style and win over the photographers. Tegan and Connor opted for the squashing for speed approach, and both came out with some pretty solid results. After the fine dust had settled, Tegan finished the race in 12th while Connor finished in 6th place. Times were insanely tight with Connor’s sixth place being only 2.5 seconds off winner Bas Van Steenbergen time.

In-between the amateur and pro categories, A-Line was subjected to a mega train of biblical proportions. Kiwi shredder Nick Dethridge rolled in mid pack and got massive steeze points for his textbook No-Footed Can winning the train.


Tegan Molloy takes the outside line on here way to 12th place.


After scrubbing the bejesus out the jump in the background, Connor opted for straight up speed on this jump, staying low and fast.