To our friends, riders, customers, dealers, ambassadors, partners, and supporters, we wanted to tell you, “Thank you.” It has been a strange few months for everyone all around the world. 9 weeks ago we had no idea what was in store for us. Things were tumultous in the far east, but we had no idea the tidal wave of uncertainty that would wash over us from every direction. Offices were emptied. People were scared. Bike shops closed to the public. We stayed home. We stayed aware. We stayed vigilant. We were worried for a myriad of reasons about what the future would hold. We really had no idea.

It’s not uncommon to find out the true grit of your community when something dire happens, and that’s exactly what we’ve witnessed. We watched people emerge from their fear and the unknown to be leaders in so many ways. We saw you reopen your shops with your staff safety and customer safety as the utmost priority. We watched you ride trails that you may have never before considered because they weren’t cool enough then…but you learned to love and appreciate them more than ever. We read the stories, watched the videos, and were inspired by our ambassadors, athletes and team riders who were quarantined all over the world. We listened as our Italian friends told us to please take this seriously as they shuttered their bikes away for months. We watched as Europe gave us North Americans a preview of what was to come. But most of all, we admired the resilience and perseverance of so many people that had to adapt to a very different way of living. That true grit came out in droves!

So thank you for riding your bikes on your trainers indoors. Thank you for riding your bikes safely around your neighborhood streets or local singletrack. Thank you for leaving your cars at home and riding to the trailheads. Thank you to our dealers for being an essential service and keeping those old bikes tuned up and putting the finishing touches on the new rigs. We’ve never seen so many people riding bikes before and if there is one silver lining from all of this, it’s that (hopefully) more people are discovering the joy and freedom of the bicycle. Inventory levels are depleted at many shops around the world right now, but rest assured, we have a host of new bikes coming in the summer months that are perfect for stretching your legs, exploring more, and finding those good summer vibes. We know bikes are rad and we know you are rad and we couldn’t be happier to to have you as a part of our family. Until we can all ride together again, stay safe, stay healthy, and we hope you enjoy the long sweet ride!