For the second year in a row, hundreds of Kona dealers from across North America – and even some from as far as Australia and South America – descended on the quaint little logging town of Squamish, British Columbia for the 8th annual Kona Ride.

They were there for the trails, they were there for the sweet local beer, they were there for the company of their favorite Kona sales rep – but most importantly, they were there to check out and ride our new offerings on some of the finest singletrack that Canada offers as well as some seriously picturesque multi-surface drop bar routes.

Unfortunately for you, a lot of what the dealers and media rode is still under wraps but we can give you an ever so slight sneak peak into what went down at Squamish’s Executive Suites.

Kona’s Writer and Content Manager Morgan Taylor MC’d the week’s events.

But it would not be Kona Ride without a speech and welcome from Jake Heilbron, Kona’s co-founder.

Got Screens? The recently revamped Norman Rudy’s restaurant at the Executive Suites served as the base of operations for the Kona Ride.

Trevor Porter, Squamish local and Kona Gravity and E-Bike Product Manager, talks DH with the North American dealers.

Joe Brown fields questions on arguably one of the most popular bike at this year’s Kona Ride, the Rove LTD. You can read about it here.

Pat White probably designed the first Kona you rode.

That Reynolds 853 Rove LTD sure is a thing of beauty.

It’s not all meetings and close-up bike analysis. The dealers also get to ride the bike on the local trails; here Dillon from Tantalus Bike Shop tests out the new Unit X in Coho Park.

The Kona Remote with Bosch pedal assist was insanely popular and could regularly be found out hitting some of the more technical trails in Squamish’s Alice Lake area.

Kona sales rep Angi Weston pilots the Remote on a classic slab of Squamish granite.

Kona Cyclocross star Kerry Werner, fresh from 12th place at the US MTB Nationals, guides a group of fast dealers on high pace XC Jaunt through the technical BC trails.

There’s that Rove LTD again, those big tires love a little singletrack and, obviously, so do we!

…but they really love a mix of gravel…

…and paved road.

Each year brave dealers can participate in a series of often embarrassing endeavors known as the Kona Hunger Games in hopes for some amazing prizes from many of Kona’s OE partners. This year Kona sales rep Joe Hamilton came up with an amazing obstacle course involving fat bikes, frisbee golf, the Kona Supremes, two wet suits and a tent full of suspended pickles.

Dealers and Kona Pro athletes alike competed in the Hunger Games, a playing field anything but level.

Aggy reaches for the pickle, while adhering to the “feet on the pedals” rule.

Joe Hamilton, full-time Kona sales rep, part-time party coordinator.

No doubt the Kona Supremes had the Benny Hill theme song running in their hazing tent.

What happens at the Kona Ride, stays…

Stay tuned here on the Cog blog and on for updates on new models becoming available. In fact, a whole bunch of new bikes are already up on the site now and ready to pick up at your local dealer. Enjoy!