We have no idea whose behind this hilarious and fictitious bike announcement but love it, and we are not above poking fun at ourselves and the bike industry. Much like the PinkBike’s Grim Donut this Sutra ULTDLTD has been pushed to the forefront of the Mountain Bike Marketed as a Gravel Bike (MTBGB for short) movement. I mean the fork has 22 braze ons alone.

“Completely redesigned and reengineered to handle those same old roads people have been riding bikes on for over a hundred years, the 2021 MTBGB is truly a state-of-the-art do-it-all workhorse.”

“This drivetrain features “Fully Actuated Range for Climbing Excellence” (F.A.R.C.E.) technology with a wide-range cassette spanning 11 – 112t (yes, 112, that’s not a typo) crafted specifically with climbing in mind. Like, actual climbing. Load the MTBGB with everything you’ve ever brought along car camping and still conquer the steepest hills with ease.”

You can check out the full hilarious post over HERE.