Kona Lisa

This comes from Peter Finsterwalder, from parts unknown:

Hi folks at Kona!
Yesterday my old pal Leonardo and me we had some beer together. Then he started telling me a strange story. A few years ago when he was out on the trails, he said he met a beautiful Italian girl in black clothes riding a Kona. When she passed him, she gave him a mysterious smile. He fell in love immediatly. He tried to follow her but there was no chance to catch her, she was too strong and her bike was much too fast for good old Leo. So he lost her. Now on his last trip to France, his bike broke, and so he decided to collect some more cultural impressions in Paris. He visited the Louvre. And weeeeeeee! what did he come across? A picture of his Kona girl. He said there were lots of people standing around the painting and discussing what could have made her smile this fascinating smile. Leo had a closer look on the backgrond of the painting: first he recognized the trail on the hills behind her and then, believe it or not, he spotted her bike (The blue Kilauea on the right side in the lower corner). And suddenly he knew what made her smile. “It’s her Kona!” “And what was her name?” I asked Leo. “Lisa, man her name was Lisa.” That’s the story. And it inspired me doing a little redsign to your brand logo. It’s dedicated to all those Kona-Ladies out on the Trails. Hope you like it.