By Ambassador Ulysse Daessle

Outside we rule!

If I’m a little Cat, my trail network is bigger than yours.
As the humans deserted the streets and the trails, we can do what we’ve always wanted – ride a Kona.

What a better rig to chase all the mice and rats?

But I’m not stupid; I know a Cat should be always cautious.

So I will do a proper bike check first.
Battery is charged, let’s start our adventure.

What a sweet post!
What a view!

It’s the perfect size. The Remote 160 just has that exact ‘Cat’ long reach! Better for being stable when you are so little.
Be aware, I will shred hard!

Hope I didn’t get the gears dirty. A bit big but I’m not crazy to ride without the proper outfit!

Let’s hurry up to clean up everything.

Hope they won’t discover it!

Soon the humans will be free and we won’t be alone in the trails anymore!