Words by Kona Ambassador Becky Gardner. Photos by Ryan Wiegman. Becky rides a Process 153 CR DL 27.5.

It’s 5 pm and I’ve just finished with whatever was on my plate for the day. I debate with myself if I have time to quickly get changed and head for the trail. Of course, I am cutting it close. The sun is setting soon, but I scurry out the door inspired to chase the sunlight I have left. Evening rides just like this are some of my favorite. There is something really special about riding bikes while the sun is going down and chasing that last ray before the sun sets behind the mighty Rocky Mountains. Maybe I head out solo or maybe some friends join. Either way, the lighting and temperature on these spring days are prime during the last few hours of daylight.

Here in Salida, we have an extraordinary trail system at the base of the town called the S Mountain Trails. These trails are designed for all riders from beginners to advanced and have some of my favorite downhill trails in the valley. The best part of the S Mountain Trails is that all the trails easily link together so depending on how much you want to ride or how much time you have you can put together a perfect ride. The trail system is heavily maintained by a group of volunteers, local support, and passionate trail builders. The trail builders are always on the lookout to build more singletrack and have an open mind to building difficult and technical terrain which is a rare treat amongst public trails.

My all-time favorite trail on S Mountain is a rocky, loose, technical trail called Sand Dunes. I am notorious in the valley for riding this trail at an obsessive rate. On a solo day, I can lap it in 45 minutes making it a prime selection for a quick evening ride. I never get sick of this trail and it always brings a smile to my face as I drop down through multiple rock gardens and deep loose dunes of sand with the Collegiate Peaks and the Arkansas River as my backdrop.

The trail ends at the heart of town where you are dazzled by the small town vibes of Salida, Colorado. From here I can grab a beer from one of the many local breweries and restaurants or hit the grocery store and head home. 

Chasing down the sun will always be one of my great joys of mountain biking and there is nothing quite like coming home from weeks on the road to enjoy some of my favorite local dirt.