For the last 5 years Rod Fountain has been a columnist and feature writer for Dirt Mountain Bike Magazine. Despite its name Dirt not found on the top shelf of the newsagents and it’s just as unlikely to be bought by a Cyclocrosser looking for something to read on the train. Equally unlikely is that Dirt Magazine, that depository of all things hardcore and gravity assisted, would run a feature on the Rapha Cyclocross series. But it seems there’s been a meeting of worlds because for some reason that’s exactly what’s happened in issue 130. Rod, a downhiller who’s not a keen pedaller, was forced to enter round 3 of the series in London to re-pay a debt to the editor. With the spirit of journalistic integrity hidden down the back of the sofa he intended to turn up, do a lap, feign a mechanical, pull-out and go home for a hot bath. It didn’t quite pan out like that and so over the next few months we’re going to bring you Rod’s ‘Jake Diaries’ in which this gravity slave very publically tries to work out why ‘the ukulele of the bike world’ has given him way more than just a dirty face and gravel rash.

Photo Credit Grant Robinson.