Connor Fearon: Australian downhill phenom Connor Fearon is back to capitalize on his 3rd place finish at the 2012 Junior World Championships. He plans to carry that momentum into the 2013 World Cup season as he battles with the Elite riders. Mathieu Dupelle will continue on as his rock star mechanic, ensuring his newly designed 2014 Supreme Operator is lighting fast.



Graham Agassiz: Graham Agassiz is working on big plans for 2013. Having recently signed a new two-year contract with Kona, the young buck from Kamloops just got a new tractor, a motorcycle, and a prototype 2014 Kona DH bike. He’ll be spending the winter digging in deep for some paradigm shifting video on the horizon, including a joint Kona/Monster production.



Antoine Bizet: Antoine Bizet hurled himself to the top of the freeride world with a four-backflip final run at the 2012 Red Bull Rampage. His 2nd place finish was both Bizet’s and Kona’s best result ever at the event. Bizzy will spend the winter filming in Australia, working on some sweet new tricks on his way to taking over the FMB Tour this season.




Leo Delfour Barsaq: Recently signed Frenchman Leo Delfour Barsaq brings big style and wild cojones to the Kona Team. Leo’s amplitude and deep bag of tricks make him one to watch on this years FMB World Tour, doing things with a Shonky we didn’t know were possible.




Matt Slaven: Matt Slaven aims to continue his panache for podium finishes at North American Enduro races and select Enduro World Series events. Watch for Slaven to be testing Kona’s all-new 2014 Process line of all-mountain bikes.




Alex Stock: After spending the winter training in New Zealand, Kona Team Enduro rider Alex Stock looks to pick up where he left off after a small bout with injury — regularly beating the world’s best. Look for Stock to be testing new 2014 Process prototypes.




Karim Amour: French cycling legend Karim Amour is the European Enduro Champion. He aims to keep it that way. Enough said. Amour will be racing on his “dream bike”, a team-equipped 2014 Abra Cadabra with G3 Magic Link.




Spencer Paxson: Seattle, WA-based XC short-track specialist Spencer Paxson plans to be on the top step at all sorts of bike-styled athletic pursuits this season. One of the stars of our new Kona All-Mountain and House of the Big Wheel films, Spencer gets the job done in multitudinous ways: Enduro, XC, CX and polo. He’s that good.




Cory Wallace: Cory Wallace spent the winter cutting down trees in the frozen Canadian north. After all that pain and suffering, bike racing is easy. The harder it gets, the happier Cory gets. We just like to watch him win races like the Mongolian Challenge and the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo.




Kris Sneddon: Kris Sneddon returns to the Kona Team as fast as ever, with even more amazing chest hair. Sneddly will be focusing primarily on Endurance events, riding (and loving) every one of the speedy race bikes we send him.




Barry Wicks: The Wicknasty, Barry Wicks, continues on as the Kona Team manager, while at the same managing to kick some CX/XC/Multi-stage/Enduro/Marathon ass along the way.





Helen Wyman: Helen Wyman is the European Cyclocross Champion and currently ranked 2nd going into the World Championships. She hasn’t won the big show yet, but she aims to change that. We think she’s great either way.