Words by Kona Ambassador Markus Zieher.

The advantage that comes with the days around the summer solstice is the extra long daylight. Together with the S_Trails Crew, I spent a long evening session at our dirt jumps @s_trails2.0.

It’s a hot day and there are no clouds in the sky. Before the actual session, we watered the jumps to make them mint to ride.

After padding up the session was in full swing pretty quickly. Everyone was stoked about the prime riding conditions. Nik Bechtle started to take pictures. It was hella fun whipping the Kona Shonky through the evening heat. 

At 22:12 we were still cruising the jumps as the sun sets down. Sweaty and hungry the grill got heated up as the barbeque is a must after the session. Cheers for the session. 

An hour later we arrived at the local lake. During the day the lake must have been a busy place. But now just a handful of people was around and enjoyed the chilled atmosphere.

It was a well-needed refreshment after jumping into the fresh water.

Let’s see what the next days bring cause the weather forecast is looking pretty good.

So lets go out and make a good use of the exta long days.



Photos: Nik Bechtle @nik_bechtle