Since the Trek World Cup the Kona crew (Becca and Kerry weren’t on exactly the same schedule) got a chance to rest, but just barely, then hit the road running again for four weekends in a row.

That block kicked off with FayetteCross. The home of the 2022 World Championships of Cyclocross in Fayetteville, Arkansas. With Kerry holding down a good position in the ProCX he added this race to the schedule last minute in hopes of securing some points but also to see what World Championships could be like in 2022.

After FayetteCross it was back east to enter the first round of the Parkway Trophy Series, Charm City. This series was a two-weekend four-race series that went off of time. So every second counted. That meant no soft-pedaling in or sitting up once you got off the front. The idea was to get as much time every race day that way if something were to happen, flat tire, snapped chain, bad legs, there was potential to still compete for the 2k winner prize and top 10k prize purse.

Becca and Kerry kicked off Charm City with three wins total and one second place (Becca notched two win’s Kerry one win and one second). Becca grabbed a commanding lead in the series and Kerry left the weekend dead even with Curtis White heading into round two at DCCX the following weekend.

DCCX lays just north of the nation’s capitol at the Armed Forces Retirement home. Bill Shienken of CX Hairs is one of the race promoters and has always put on a great event. Curtis decided to skip the second round leaving Kerry nearly a two-minute cushion to work with over second-place Steven Hyde.

Day one was fast and dry and Becca and Kerry both grabbed wins. Day two brought overnight rain and rain throughout the day resulting in a super heavy course with deteriorating conditions and lots of running. Stephen found his legs and put Kerry in the box on lap one but couldn’t grab enough time to knock him off the top step in the series. Becca won, sweeping the series and both Kona riders walked away with 2k + prize money, beer, whiskey, flowers, and coffee.

With 2k in their pockets, the team headed to the midwest for the last C1 (highest classification UCI race in the US besides the World Cups in September) of the season, Cincy CX in Cincinnati, OH. Last year the team saw super slippery conditions on Saturday followed by fast and dry on Sunday. This year would be the same. Kerry loves the slip and slide Saturdays and took advantage of the favorable conditions and grabbed a win. Becca fared well but ended up losing two points to Kerry in the interterm competition, which now stands as Becca up three.

Kerry took the weekend off and Becca raced the Really Rad CX Festival in Falmouth, MA. Kerry did some specific training in hopes of nabbing the Pacific American Championships Jersey on Sunday next weekend in Midland Ontario. Becca nabbed second on Saturday and a win on Sunday to help solidify her ProCX leader ranking and give her a confidence boost heading into PanAms. Let the games begin.