Long Term Test by Riley McIntosh: I’m sure most people who regularly use the internet have witnessed the ridiculous Honey Badger video on Youtube.

This video really caught my attention because it proposed that the Honey Badger just may be the most badass of all animals. When I was a kid we would often play the game of ‘If you could be any animal what would you be?’ And although we often referenced Tigers, Dinosaurs, Sharks, and Wolverines, nobody ever mentioned the Honey Badger.

In the video we see the Honey Badger tearing around the landscape like a true Bat out of Hell, with the video culminating in the Badger attempting to eat a venomous snake, being bitten, essentially ‘dying’ for awhile, coming back to life, and finishing its meal. It doesn’t get much more badass then that.

Now, Last Christmas I moved to Vancouver Island for a fresh start. I was quite clear with myself on my goals and intentions: work full time, live simple, and ride as much as possible, before work, night rides after work, weekends, whatever it took.

I needed a bike that was up to the job. A bike that didn’t have much in the way of fancy gadgets, complex linkages, or bushings regularly in need of upkeep. read more