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“A tall bike is an unusually tall bicycle, typically built for the purpose of fun and recreation, though with occasional practical use.”

From the looks of things, the folks at Queen City Cycles focused on the ‘unusually’ part. And if you’ve met the guys from Queen City Cycles, that’s no huge surprise.

Most tallbikes are made from two frames, theirs is three. Not only is it three frames, but it’s three Kona Unit 29 frames. It sits 6’7″ high, and when you ride it, you site above stop signs. Riding this mutant puts you above city buses.

Wanna check it out? Head to Springfield, MO and ask nicely. And be ready to fall from great heights.

Do you have a clown bike? Anything really crazy you’ve done with a Kona? Show us! we love to see this kind of stuff, and share it with the world!