Ryan Trebon and Barry Wick have a new weapon in their race kits. While shooting the latest and greatest at the Crankworx festival in Whistler, Cyclocross Magazine contributor Joe Sales was able to catch a glimpse of the new all-carbon Kona Major Jake. The new photos provide a closer look at the updated ride that we profiled earlier this summer.

by Jamie Mack

In the world of ’cross bikes, 17 pounds is a respectable weight that many manufacturers claim for their average size frames. With a new ’cross frame revealed during the Sea Otter festival earlier this year, Kona has met that benchmark with the bikes built for two of the tallest riders in ’cross, Ryan Trebon and Barry Wicks. Typically found on custom 62+cm frames, the Twin Towers of Kona ride some of the biggest, and perhaps heaviest, frames in the Elite field. But their new 2011 Kona Jakes are taking things to a lower level, in weight anyway, and giving the Kona duo a leg up on the competition. Cyclocross Magazine was able to check in with Barry Wicks and get the inside story on the new rides.

Kona was given a simple mission by their star riders – make a bike that was lighter, stiffer and faster than one of the most respected frames on the circuit. And don’t dare sacrifice the ride quality and durability that the scandium Major Jakes have shown over the past few years. And do it all in a 63cm frame. Nothing like a little pressure from the daunting pair of Elite ’cross riders to bring sweat to the brow of a few engineers and builders.

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