_G5Y6380_eThis seven race series starts on September 13th and runs through November 29th and is dedicated to kids racing Cyclocross in OREGON! The cross scene is huge in the Pacific Northwest, but fields are so large, and the race day schedules so full it was becoming harder and harder to make room for Juniors, especially the 10-12 year olds. The Oregon JCS is taking advantage of the slightly smaller fields in the Salem “Willamette Valley Cross” Series, and the Eugene “Psycho Cross” series to separate out a Junior only race mid day (making it easy for Portlanders to make the drive down south). Kona is equally dedicated to Junior racing and is generously sponsoring the series. Kona Clothing awards across all fields, and a 2010 Jake the Snake Frame & Kona Carbon Fork for the grand prize in the 16-18 age group!

Come on out and give it a try. There is a 9:00 am Cross Clinic on each race day to help first timers. No previous race experience needed! Cyclocross is the most fun on two wheels. With it’s easy to access lap courses, spectator friendly venues, and supportive environment, Cyclocross is perhaps the best possible introduction to bike racing for kids.

Look for the Kona tent and Kona bikes on display.

See the Race Flyer

Race 1: 9/13 Sunday, Psycho Cross (Eugene)
Race 2: 10/3 Saturday, Willamette Valley Cross (Salem)
Race 3: 10/17 Saturday, Psycho Cross (Eugene)
Race 4: 10/24 Saturday, Willamette Valley Cross (Salem)
Race 5: 11/7 Saturday, Willamette Valley Cross (Salem)
Race 6: 11/21 Saturday, Psycho Cross (Eugene)
Race 7: 11/29 Sunday, Psycho Cross (Eugene) Series and Grand Prize Awards