It’s one thing to ride a bike for a living. It’s another thing when you can build your own training ground to hone in your skills. It’s another thing again to invite some of the best slopestyle riders in world to come and gamble on their abilities to ride a bike in your own backyard and they show up.

If you build it they will come applies here.

The riders that were invited were: Aaron Chase, Cam Zink, Paul Basagoitia, Andrew Taylor, Ryan Howard, Eric Porter, Andreu Lacondeguy, Lluis Lacondeguy, Graham Agassiz and Kurt Sorge.

Tyler McCaul was subbed in for Aaron Chase when he called to let Paul know that his flight was cancelled. It seemed to be the recurring theme with the Spaniards, with a cancelled flight out of Philadelphia, on their way to Reno from Spain. Tough times. That didn’t stop the show from going on.

The Format was everyone started with a hundred dollars in chips from the local casino and bet on three different levels of bets for the return on their money. You then bet on wether you could do the trick as the the tricks were drawn from a board at random. You land the trick. You win the money and If not, you lose. It started off with some easier tricks but as the betting went up, so did the level of difficulty. The Only person to ride clean, trick for trick was Konas Graham Agassiz. This was a nice turn of events for Aggy after hurting himself right before Crankworx filming for NWD 10 “Dust’n Bones”. The host came second.

The remainder of the chips went into a pool and everyone rode in a jam style format to be judged by the riders. Andre Taylor walked away from this for the win and taking home a thousand bucks for putting his heart and soul into the afternoon.

The event had a great family feel and good vibes all around with the potential to be something really huge in the future. Paul also arranged for a big night out in the Biggest Little town in America. It did not disappoint.  Everyone slowly rolled out of the wrapper and are currently working their way to sin city for Interbike and the premiere of NWD 10.

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