“It’s not fast on the ups but it rips on the downs. It ain’t a weight weenie bike but neither are rigid MTBs and best of all, when you get tired of pedaling your local roads and trails, load it up and ride out to new ones…”

John at the Radavist has been teasing his full review of the Sutra ULTD via his Instagram page over the last couple of weeks, we had an inkling he’d like the bike, but we are beyond stoked that he loves it! John’s review goes deep into the bikes intricacies and provides an objective look at its performance.

“Having ridden plenty of chubby gravel bikes in my day, I can honestly say this bike outperformed my expectations. With each ride, I fell even more in love with its ride quality and experience. Look, it’s not a gravel racer. You’ve got the Sutra and Sutra LTD for that. If anything, I would consider the ULTD to be more of an MTB than a gravel bike. Perhaps that’s because I ride my MTBs more than anything these days and when I hop on a drop-bar bike that has similar sensations, I tend to take note.”

You can check out the full Sutra ULTD Here.