Kona co-owner Jake Heilbron submits to Matt Dennison’s lens.

NSMB are always at the forefront of original content production. They ask the tough questions (and the not so tough ones). This morning though, with the release of their latest video, they pulled on our heart strings so much so that not an eye in the office was dry. The video in question takes a look behind the warehouse doors at our Bellingham, WA headquarters and gives you an insight into what makes the Smallest Biggest Bike Company in the World Tick. Theres also a very cool photo-set to go with the video and some great words. So after watching the video get over to NSMB and check it all out. We Heart NSMB.com


We promise, next time we will wear bright shit for photo shoots!


Walls to the ball. Kona team rider Spencer Paxson.