Introduced in 2011, the Kona Tanuki has gone on to be an incredibly popular dual suspension trail bike and one of our hottest selling models. Considering price, value and performance, with the Tanuki we set out to create a 130mm mountain bike that would appeal to the entry-level mountain biker, but still be imbued with ride characteristics that would appeal to the experienced cyclist.

With three different models of Tanuki in 2012, there’s a bike for every type of rider. At its core, this bike is all about having fun on the trail, and with rave reviews by top journalists, we figured we’d make a fun little video that shows off everything this bike is capable of. Filmed on the sweet singletrack of the CransMontana Bike Park in the famed Valais region of Switzerland, and featuring long-time Kona Team rider, Grant “Chopper” Fielder, watch as the Tanuki gets all mythical on your ass.