Spencer Paxson is no stranger to adventures. He’s completed the Challenger Deep amassing 32,000 feet of vert in a single day. A normal Saturday will often involve a gravel bike, some skis, a huge ascent into the North Cascade mountains and a return home in time to bathe and feed the kiddos. But when Spencer received his latest assignment, he knew he’d have his work cut out for him. His three-year-old son came up with a To Dew List for Spencer to achieve while he was busy at school. Eat donuts? Check. Splash in puddles? Check. Find a dinosaur…wait…what? The good news is Spencer has the trusty Dew-E to cart him all around Bellingham to ensure he stands a chance to complete the full list.

The Dew-E has redefined what commuting means to riders all over the world. In fact, we’ve heard it’s the best part of going to work or grabbing groceries or doing a pub crawl. You get the idea. We love the ride quality of the Dew-E and this year it gets even better with a redesigned frame that holds a semi-integrated battery that’s powered by a Shimano E6100 motor. The ETube Bluetooth app lets riders customize their preferences. Complete with front and rear fenders, a kickstand and lights, the Dew-E is ready to rise and shine for the daily grind!